I'm Vanessa ,
 nice to meet you.

I am a User Experience Designer. I am skilled at information architecture, user journeys, user flows, sketching, wireframing, and competitive analysis.


I love distilling complex concepts into easily accessible pieces. I get excited about how technology can influence the world, connecting people faster to their interests. In my next role I want to work with a smaller team and be heavily involved in research, user interviews, and concepting.

How I got started in user research

I discovered my affinity for research after noticing that I continued to question how I could be involved in combining technology with a humanistic approach. I can say that I found a passion after conducting my first competitive analysis. 

What I've been working on 

I've been working on an app that allows people to reach out to experts in various fields as well as researching an app that helps to build vocabulary.

What I'm curious about

I'm curious about getting to the root of a problem and figuring out ways to solve it. One of the most efficient and effective ways to solve a design problem is through user research and reaching out to get feedback that will ultimately help drive the design through iteration.

Contact me

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